Weed - Marijuana Someone Once Told Me

Does anyone want to help me think of a name for my beautiful piece? :)
Why smoke if you’re going to deny it


It bothers me when people hide that they smoke, like they’re ashamed of it because of the stigma. Fuck that. You should be proud to use marijuana, proud that you are using an alternative to harmful substances that are easy to abuse. It takes a smart individual to choose cannabis over mainstream medicine. Marijuana is the future of healthcare. It’s here to stay.

While I would love to proclaim my passion to everyone (since I come from a medical state), I just don’t want to go to jail, since I’m now in a state where marijuana isn’t even decriminalized.


Gave this to my brother for his 24th

lolol all the time

Tasty riverside bowls out of neni 💛


the first time i smoked the dealer told me this weed is so loud i wont hear myself think